Cremation Ideas

Personal Stones

Personal memorials can be created to accommodate 1 or more person's cremains.  These memorials can be set permanently at a cemetery, or kept at your home.


Personal Columbarium
3 person Cremation boulder
Cremation memorial
Individual cremation memorial
2 person cremation boulder
Cremation Cubes
Bird bath columbarium

Cremation Benches

Holes can be cored out in legs or bases of benches to incorporate cremains.


Memorial Bench
Top View of Memorial Bench
Cremation Bench
Cremation bench
Cremation bench top view
Cremation Bench
Black bench with etching


You can have your ashes interred at Woodlawn Cemetery in Norwalk Ohio in this beautiful Columbarium. 419-668-5618


Columbarium at Woodlawn Cemetery


Contact Milan Cemetery, Milan Ohio to purchase a cremation Niche here. 419-499-2815


Cremation Storage

Urns & Keepsakes

We offer a broad range of urns and smaller keepsake urns to meet the needs of any family who has chosen cremation.


Ascending urn
Eternity urn
Traditional urn
Tree of life urn
Cosmo urn
Aria butterfly urn
Aria dolphin urn
Hardwood chest urn
Hardwood military urn
Hardwood picture frame urn
Red Keepsake heart
Keepsake hearts with stands